Below Ground Tanking

Underground Protection

Resilient Below Ground Tanking in Melbourne

Prevent Problems from the Start

Below ground tanking is an essential facet of the building process. Should something go wrong, you could be facing costly damages and repairs. Make sure you prevent leaks from happening before rain falls or pipes break.

Types of Tanking

Wondering if we can waterproof your tanking system? In addition to applying a layer to main below-ground tanking, we can also treat other forms including the lining of retaining walls, cellars, tunnels and lift shafts.

Lifetime Protection

Combining our waterproofing materials and aggregate with your drainage system, we can protect your ground structure from destructive leaks. Because of the quality of our materials and installation, the results will essentially last the lifetime of the building.

To respect your time, we’re committed to punctuality for every project

To learn more about how we can stop leaks from affecting your below ground tanks, give one of our experts a call. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.
Stop Leaks
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