Joint Extensions

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Joint Extension Advice and Service in Melbourne

Professional Advice

In order to protect your asset, it’s crucial to choose the right mechanical or expansion joint. In many cases, a mechanical joint accommodates movement in the concrete structures. With our years of expertise in the building industry, our team can advise you on which system is the best fit for your property.

Absorbing Systems

Due to Melbourne’s drastic seasonal conditions, building faces, laying pipelines and concrete slabs tend to expand and contract, causing cracks and other structural problems for your structure. 

We can repair any fissures and add expansion joints to your existing structure to ensure security in your building’s natural movements.
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Expansion Joints

Try our expansion or movement joints to safely absorb heat-induced expansion and contraction and vibration. In addition to holding parts together, this tool allows movement as a result of normal building shifts.

Latham Strips

To take the movement out of concrete structures, we can install Latham strips as an effective spring system. We use combi joints and mechanical joints to give the structure room to move. To make sure that people using the surface area are safe, we have a protective covering over the springs. 

In any circumstance that you need a movement joint, you can count on us to have a product big enough to accommodate a Latham strip or mechanical joint.

We can apply sealant to block work, aluminium panels, window frames and more

Call us in Melbourne to find out how joint extensions can give you a safer, more effective construction site.
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