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Durable Protective Coatings in Melbourne

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As market leaders in protective coatings and membranes, we know exactly which coating is best suited for your structure. Protective coatings are essential to extending the life of your assets by increasing the durability of the structure.

Exclusive Treatments

Since the cost of manufacturing for polyuria products has dropped, our specialists are now able to use this product on all types of projects. Once only available to mining and water treatment industries, you can now have professional treatments applied within the walls of your own home.

Durable Spray Form

For specific projects, including car parks and water treatment areas, a spray applied coating may be your best option. This protective coating is the most popular treatment worldwide for its durability and its limited drying time of one minute. For certain parts of your home, Polyuria even has the ability to sound proof.

We can come to you to diagnose your leaking problem

Learn more about how we can add a protective coating to your structure. We can discuss how protective coatings can strengthen your building.
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