Excellent Waterproofing Membrane in Melbourne



Water seepage, leaking and rising damp can cause countless problems to your building. Avoid costly long term damage and have these problems with waterproofing with Westside Sealants.

Exposure to some household moulds can have a significantly negative effect on health and quality of life. Waterproofing membrane can stop these negative effects of dampness in your home and business.

Wet Areas

We are experts in wet areas. To get the best result, we use part premixed high build liquid applied waterproofing membrane that contains micro-fibres. This gives it high strength and eliminating the need for a separate reinforcing fabric. Once fully cured, you have a flexible and seamless waterproof membrane, specifically designed for use under tiles or screed. This ensures that the wet area does not leak and provides you long term protection. 


It is critical that balconies have the best protection from water. We use an elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing membrane. Once cured it forms a tough, seamless, rubber membrane, with high tensile strength and tenacious adhesion to a variety of substrates.

bathroom waterproofing membrane in Melbourne
balcony waterproofing membrane in Melbourne