Waterproofing Splashbacks and Laundry Areas

Worry-free Protection

Impenetrable Waterproofing for Kitchen & Laundry Areas in Melbourne

Don't Wait Until There's a Problem

Many homeowners fail to consider waterproofing until they stumble into a leakage problem. Don’t wait until the importance of this service becomes apparent. We can prevent damage and extend the life of your kitchen and laundry areas using a micro-fibre infused membrane.

Because these high-traffic areas of your home are often prone to steam, splashes and appliance leaks, the decision to waterproof is a decision to keep mould and structural damage away from those you love.

Important Features to Waterproof

One of the many areas that people forget to treat is kitchen splashbacks. These hardworking elements in your kitchen withstand intense heat, grease and food splashes and harsh cleaning products day after day. By affixing your splashbacks to your walls with a reliable bonding agent, we can make sure that they act as a durable shield for many years to come.

Another material that you need to service are plasterboards, which are one of the most common inner layers of your wall. It’s essential that you waterproof this feature before you adhere tiles to them to prevent water from deteriorating wood, corroding metal and dampening insulation.

We have over 20 years of experience with caulking and waterproofing

Avoid rising damp and other problems associated with water by calling the professionals at Westside Sealants.
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