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Protective Balcony Waterproofing in Melbourne

Protection from the Elements

Because balconies are exposed to the elements, they deserve the utmost attention to detail when implementing a waterproofing system. From new constructions to renovations, we’ll coordinate our efforts with other builders to make sure that your balcony weathers even the most intense wet weather.

Common Issues

Balcony leaks often occur as a result of poor construction or application procedures. During rainy seasons, this can cause up to thousands of dollars in damages. 

Careful Prevention and Expert Solutions

We treat every balcony project with the care and precision to make sure our waterproofing membrane stands against weather and time.

To ensure that we are able to turn our membrane up against the house and seal the area correctly, fibro or Bluebeard must be installed under the sliding door prior to our service. 
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We’ll first apply an elastomeric polyurethane membrane and allow it time to cure. From there, you’ll have a tough and seamless rubber membrane with high tensile strength and adhesion to a variety of substrates.

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Whether you need waterproofing treatment to seal a new balcony or to prevent further damage, we’re here to help. 
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