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Professional Caulking Services in Melbourne

Simple but Vital

Caulking is more than a simple touch up to make trim look nice. It plays an essential role in managing your heating and cooling costs by preventing leaks in your home or office. 
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Leak Prone Areas

Whilst most people remember to seal leaks around their windows, doors, plumbing and electrical wiring, many forget to inspect attics, basements and crawl spaces. Leaks in these areas can oftentimes cause even bigger problems. 

Caulking for Household Features

We can provide for all of your caulking needs for features including doors, windows and glazing, skirtings, cladding fire rating, precast block work, plaster and brickwork.

For areas more common to the kitchen and bathroom, we can treat bathtubs, tiles, mirrors, bench tops, splashbacks, toilets, basins and sinks, multi shower stalls and moulding and trim. We can also service swimming pool joints.

Other Important Areas to Service

Caulking services are ideal to fill the gaps and cracks in your walls and close leaky areas where two materials converge (i.e. exterior walls with your windows or doors).

If you also spot black dots in your bathroom caulk, you may be facing a mildew and mould problem that bleach can’t always remove. Get a fresh caulk application for safe, reliable results.

Rating Caulking

Pasco Firecryl is an acrylic fire rated and acoustically rated sealant that provides up to 4 hours fire rating in construction joints and service penetrations, while creating an acoustically sealed joint. With excellent adhesion and flexibility, Firecryl is suitable for interior and exterior use where movement is expected to be up to ±15%.

· Sealing construction & expansion joints
· Sealing joints in precast panels
· Sealing joints & penetrations in acoustic partitions
· Concrete floors & walls

Cost-Efficient Solution

Because silicone caulk prevents leaks so well, it can drastically cut your heating and cooling utility costs. In addition, our team works hard to make our caulking work as affordable as possible for you.

Durable Material

The process of sealing joints and seams requires a resilient, yet flexible material. Our technicians use silicone caulk as the perfect solution for lifelong pliancy without peeling, cracking or distorting.

With this material, you’ll have a waterproof barrier that lasts longer than acrylic caulking whilst offering excellent insulation.

With over 40 caulkers, no project is too big for us

Find out today just how affordable a caulking service can be for your home or business. Give us a call to receive a free quote on the job you have in mind.
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