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Effective Commercial Waterproofing in Melbourne

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Whether you own a business or shop, it’s important to keep water out of your commercial structure. Rely on Westside Sealants to apply effective membranes and coatings to protect your building from water damage.
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Why Do Commercial Sites Need Waterproofing?

If water is leaking into your commercial property, you may be subject to mould, bacteria and deteriorating wood-supported structures. By properly keeping moisture out, you can extend the life of your building, protect interior contents and save money on costly repairs.

Technological Solutions

The process of waterproofing requires that we make a surface or structure water resistant by applying membranes and protective coats.

In recent years, the construction industry has made technological advances in creating such polymer-based membrane materials. This new solution is extremely adhesive to create a seamless barrier around the outside of a structure. 

Customised Service for Building Requirements

Westside Sealants Pty Ltd will customise our service based on building requirements or standards set by your business. If you’re not sure which solution will be most beneficial for your office, we can make recommendations on which membrane will be most suitable in the long run.

We limit the jobs we take each day to give you the attention you deserve

Don’t allow leaks to cause major damage to your commercial site. Give us a call to be proactive about waterproofing your building.
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