Rooftop Waterproofing

No More Leaking Roofs

Expert Rooftop Waterproofing in Melbourne

Causes of Roof Damage

With professional rooftop waterproofing, you can prevent major structural damage while protecting your building’s occupants. 

Australia’s drastic seasonal weather is notorious for expanding and contracting rooftops as they heat and cool throughout the day. This often causes damages to existing membranes or reduces its lifespan.

In addition, rooftops like multi units or commercial rooftops contain equipment including AC units, hot water services and mobile phone towers which require tradesmen to frequently service them. The high traffic around these appliances also wears down the rooftop’s existing waterproofing membranes.

 You can avoid damage as a result of these issues (cracks in your foundation, splits in joints, leakage, spalling, deterioration, mould and mildew) by choosing our trusted contractors to prepare and preserve your roof the right way.  

Roofs Are Our Speciality

With our variety of applications, we can customise our service to meet the needs of your roofing project. We often work on new construction sites to install a membrane system right from the start, saving you money on future damages. If you have an existing rooftop that may need treatment, we can also refurbish it to extend its longevity. 

Benefits of a Healthy Rooftop

In recent years, rooftop spaces in Melbourne have become a popular area to entertain guests or to nurture that garden you’ve always dreamed of. Our trained technicians can transform your existing rooftop to suit the plans you have in mind with our top-of-the-line waterproofing applications.

Our team offers friendly service to improve your customer experience

Do you have a leaky roof? Turn to your local waterproofing experts in Melbourne to keep moisture from seeping in from above. No matter if you own a commercial property, multi units or a residential home, we can make sure you have a good, leak-proof roof over your head. 
Repair Your Roof
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